ALMOST® is manufactured using 100% microscopic nylon fibers that are entangled, like the fibers in collagen. This construction creates a breathable material that is comfortable in all temperatures, beautiful in appearance, and feels natural.

The colors and textures are integrated with heat and pressure, directly into the base structure, creating a surface that will never delaminate. ALMOST® is not made of two layers bonded together, but one single ply. It is also highly resistant to cracking, tearing, puncture and fading.

ALMOST® can be formulated to use outdoors with enhanced UV protection and mildew resistance, quickly custom colored to match any desired color sample, and for environments needing antimicrobial resistance, ALMOST® Textura HG and ALMOST® Calf HG collections come with HealthGard treatment as standard.

Custom Colors Available
300+ Stocked Colors Available
24 Patterns
8 Embossing Textures
Natural Look and Feel
Outdoor Formulation Available

The Nylon fiber construction is comparable to collagen and allows air to pass through
Stays warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather
Liquid impermeable
Elegant appearance and touch of fine soft glove leather
PVC Free

Stain Resistant
Bleach Cleanable (except Suede)
Will not allow liquid to pass
Ordinary dirt and smudges can be cleaned with sopa and water
ALMOST® Calf and ALMOST® Textura with Healthgard are anti-microbial and anti-bacterial

100% Nylon substrate fibers entangled together in a three-directional axis creating a durable connective textile like natural leather
Color is embedded into the substrate with heat and pressure so surface and will not delaminate or peel
Exceeds 250,000 Double Rubs
Can be used for upholstery and wall application
10 year Warranty
FR Free
Hydrolysis: 10+ Weeks


Crushed Ice FR15

Crushed Ice
Crushed Ice FR15
Crushed Ice FR15
Sassy FR25
Sassy FR25
Daredevil FR55
Daredevil FR55
Off Road FR80
Off Road FR80
Knockout FR81
Knockout FR81
Cyberspace FR99
Cyberspace FR99

Pattern: Frolic

Color: Crushed Ice FR15

Price: $44 LY

65% pre-consumer recycled polyester, 35% post-consumer recycled polyester

Standard Finish: Crypton Green

Double Rubs: 75,000

Cleaning Code: WS
Bleach Cleanable:
Cleaning Instructions

Grade: 3

Grade Chart

Flammability Classification: California Tech. Bulletin 117 Sec. E Class 1; ASTM E-84, Class A; UFAC Class 1; NFPA-260 Class 1

Flammability Notes: FR Free

Additional backing may be added to meet flame code ASTM E84 for Panel and Wallcoverings applications. Contact Customer Service for pricing.