Clay Lounge

Paolo Martinig

Clay's feminine curves, flared arms and high back wrap you in comfort while giving you personal space. The integrated wood base make Clay as beautiful from the back (perfect for open spaces), as well as from the front. Also available in a mid back model.


Clay Lounge
Solid Wood Legs
COM: $3,255



Natural WF 01

Chocolate WF 03

Espresso WF 04

Paprika WF 07

White Satin WF 09

Black Satin WF 11

Light Natural WF 21

Medium Walnut WF 22

Dark Walnut WF 23

Drift Wood WF 24

Matte Weathered Grey WF 25

Paolo Martinig

Paolo Martinig was born in Cividale del Friuli in 1962. After he concluded his academic career, in 1986 he found a job in the communication industry and went on to work in Milan, Treviso and Udine. The boundary between communication and design is very fine and in 1994 he focused on design, bringing with him all of the creative skills and experience that he had built up in his previous role.

Download Drawing files:

Clay Lounge Sketchup

Clay Lounge Revit