Paul Brayton Designs' textiles, leathers and faux leathers are designed to meet or exceed industry standards for heavy duty contract usage. This warranty does not cover damage or loss due to improper use, abuse, handling, storage, maintenance or application of any finish treatments after shipping by Paul Brayton Designs.

Woven Textiles All products are covered by our five (5) year limited warranty. This warranty covers our products for five (5) years from date of shipment for the original purchaser. All products can be expected to perform satisfactorily given proper maintenance and normal usage, not including misuse and abuse.

Almost®  All products covered by our five (5) year limited warranty. This warranty covers our products for five (5) years from date of shipment for the original purchaser. All products can be expected to perform satisfactorily given proper maintenance and normal usage, not including misuse and abuse.

Faux Leathers (Polyurethane; Vinyl)  All products covered for three (3) years under our limited warranty. This warranty covers our products for three (3) years from date of shipment for the original purchaser. All products can be expected to perform satisfactorily given proper maintenance and normal usage, not including misuse and abuse.

Leather  All products covered by our five (5) year limited warranty. This warranty covers our products for five (5) years from date of shipment for the original purchaser. All products can be expected to perform satisfactorily given proper maintenance and normal usage, not including misuse and abuse. Paul Brayton Designs does not warrant exact matching of color or grain of leather. Leather hides may contain natural marks, scars, scratches, wrinkles, shade variations, etc. within hides, considered by leather tanneries and Paul Brayton Designs to be inherent characteristics of leather. Paul Brayton Designs considers these characteristics past of the natural beauty of leather and the size and location of such markings cannot be controlled.

Paul Brayton Designs does not guarantee, warrant or represent an exact color match to cuttings, tabs, memos or sample cards. In any event, upon inspection by Paul Brayton Designs, Paul Brayton Designs' responsibility will be limited to either replacement of merchandise or refund of purchase price at Paul Brayton Designs' option. Paul Brayton Designs is not responsible for the application or installation of our products. In no event shall Paul Brayton Designs be responsible for any consequential damages or any changes, costs, expense, or obligations other than expressly herein set forth. Paul Brayton Designs makes no other warranties, expressed or implied, as to any product sold by Paul Brayton Designs. All other warranties (including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose) are hereby excluded.


Upon approved credit, general payment terms are Net 15.

Other forms of payment include Proforma Invoices payable by check or Visa and MasterCard credit cards. We reserve the right to cancel or change credit terms and may request advance payment at any time. You may contact Customer Service for a credit application.


To place orders, request samples or for other general information please contact Paul Brayton Designs Customer Service. Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 5:00 pm, Eastern time.

Email: requests@paulbraytondesigns.com
Phone: 336.882.5200
Toll free: 800.882.4720
Fax: 336.882.5300
Paul Brayton Designs
403 Interstate Drive
Archdale, NC 27263

All purchase orders must be sent in writing, either by e-mail, fax, or mail. Confirming orders sent in the mail must be clearly marked to avoid duplication. Orders for goods in stock will be shipped within two days of payment or credit approval. Backordered goods will be acknowledged with best possible shipping date. This acknowledgment is a final expression of the agreement between the customer and Paul Brayton Designs. Modifications to any order are required in writing. Acceptance of cancellations or modifications is at the discretion of Paul Brayton Designs.


Cancellation requests will only be considered if in writing. We will not cancel customer orders, specially processed orders or orders that have been cut to ship.


Minimum order size for woven and non-woven fabrics is (1) linear yard and in 1/8 yard increments thereafter. Some faux leather patterns have a minimum order of 1 yard and in 1 yard increments thereafter.Every effort is made to ship in one continuous roll, however, production methods and inventory control may require shipment of order in multiple pieces.

Minimum order size for leather is one (1) full hide and is ordered by the square foot. Leather needs to be ordered for the square footage amount required. At the time of shipping, full hides will be selected to come as close as possible to the square footage amount ordered. Leather is a natural product and hides vary in size. Overage in quantity should be expected and will be invoiced accordingly.


Only fabrics stocked in High Point, NC can be reserved for 2 business weeks. Fabrics stocked at our manufacturing mills cannot be reserved.


ALMOST® Minimum order size for special color match is 250 yards.
Textile Minimum order size for special color match fabrics varies by mill. Please inquire.
Special color match orders are sold in full rolls and overage should be expected.
Minimum order size for special match leather is 500 square feet.
A 50% deposit is required before production begins on special color matches. Orders are non-cancellable.


Our standard method of shipping fabric is two-day service, which we prepay and add. Refer to the freight chart for charges. Upon request, we will ship in accordance with the customer's instructions. Unless specifically requested in writing to ship complete, Paul Brayton Designs may make partial shipments. All shipments are F.O.B. High Point, NC.

Paul Brayton Designs cannot be held liable for any delay or failure to deliver due to strikes, lockouts, or other labor difficulties, failure or delay of the sources of supply, transportation difficulties accidents, fire, acts of nature, or any other causes of like or unlike nature beyond Paul Brayton Designs' control.

Additional charges incurred for address corrections, C.O.D. charges and Saturday deliveries will be added and are the full responsibility of the customer. Additional freight surcharges may apply.


Follow manufacturer's instructions available from Customer Service.


All products should be examined carefully for accuracy and quality before cutting. All claims against Paul Brayton Designs (including all facts), such as shortages or errors, must be made in writing and directed to Paul Brayton Designs within ten (10) days after delivery. Failure to make such claims against Paul Brayton Designs within such ten (10) day period shall constitute acceptance of the merchandise and waiver of any such shortages, errors or other claims. Cutting or marking of any textile or leather will be deemed acceptance of the yardage or square footage, and waiver of all defects, shortages and errors. Under no circumstances will Paul Brayton Designs be responsible for labor charges.


Returns are accepted at the discretion of Paul Brayton Designs. No merchandise may be returned without Paul Brayton Designs' consent in advance. Any returns must be in accordance with Paul Brayton Designs' shipping instructions and accompanied by a return authorization number. Return merchandise must not be marked or cut and must be rolled on a tube. Folded or creased goods will not be accepted. Credit will not be issued unless the merchandise is received at Paul Brayton Designs within thirty (30) days after return authorization is issued. Shipment must be returned prepaid. There is a 35% restocking charge issued on all authorized returns. No returns will be accepted on special colors, special treatments, or any type special processing of fabric or leather.


The name Paul Brayton Designs and its product Almost® are registered trademarks.


The following finishes are offered on many of our fabrics to enhance their performance, allow for stain resistance and ease of cleaning.

Moisture Barriers can be applied to a number of our fabrics as outlined below. Moisture barriers are often used for projects requiring protection from liquids, such as hospitals, restaurants, public hospitality and educational areas. These state-of-the art, breathable liquid barriers safeguard cushions, fabric, and furniture.

Crypton Green® Crypton Green is a fabric that is permanently transformed with stain and microbial protection through an immersion process, and provides an impenetrable moisture barrier that protects the fabric from spills.

Ease® Ease is a stain repellant finish that is applied to the yarns at the mill. It is not an after-treatment or a spray-on finish. Because it is part of the fabric itself, Ease offers unparalleled water and opil repellency with the added bonus of stain-release technology. Ease is PFOA (Perfluoroctanoic Acid) / PFOC (Perfluoroctanoic Carbon) free.

GreenShield® GreenShield® is a low-fluorocarbon based finish that is chemically bound to the fiber of the fabric. The nanoparticle technology provides water and oil repellancy and stain resistance in a single finish. GreenShield does not change the fabrics natural look or feel.

GreenShield® with Defend® Defend® is a breathable Moisture Barrier that can be added to textiles sold standard with GreenShield. Contact Customer Service for pricing.

Incase® Crypton INCASE™ is an advanced stain and microbial-resistant finish. INCASE™ works at the molecular level to increase surface tension, making liquids immediately roll away. INCASE™ allows both oil and water based stains to easily release from the fabric when cleaned. It's perfect for when you need to resist spills, stains, odors and microbes, but do not require a moisture barrier.

Nano-Tex™ Nano-Tex™ technology builds breakthrough spill resistance right into the fibers of the fabric, outperforming and outlasting traditional stain resistance fabric treatment without changing the natural look and feel of the fabric. It is undetectable and breathable.

Nano-Tex™ with DuraBlock™ DuraBlock™ adds a breathable moisture barrier using environmentally friendly components. Fabric must have Nano-Tex finish. Please allow 1-2 weeks for Dura-Block application.

Minimum order 10 yards
10-20 yards - $180 Minimum charge | 21+ yards - $9.00/yard