Textura with HealthGard

Antique White ATX600HG


Antique White ATX600HG
Artichoke ATX629HG
Blue Violet ATX619HG
Blush ATX601HG
Boxwood ATX614HG
Brick ATX611HG
Buttercreme ATX607HG
Cabernet ATX618HG
Cape Blue ATX622HG
Driftwood ATX604HG
Dune ATX605HG
Ember Red ATX616HG
Havana ATX610HG
Hazel ATX631HG
Jute ATX606HG
Laurel ATX613HG
Marine ATX621HG
Mica ATX620HG
Muslin ATX639HG
Onyx ATX626HG
Paprika ATX630HG
Parchment ATX602HG
Pecan ATX608HG
Russet ATX609HG
Sandstone ATX603HG
Saxe Blue ATX623HG
Smoke Stone ATX627HG
Steel ATX634HG
Wheat ATX632HG
Wild Plum ATX617HG
Willow ATX612HG
  • Pattern: Textura with HealthGard
  • Color: Antique White ATX600HG
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  • Price: $59.00 LY
  • Content:
    100% Nylon
    Phthalate Free
    PVC Free

  • Cleaning Code: WSB Bleach Cleanable
  • Grade: 4
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  • Flammability Certifications: 1. California Tech. Bulletin 117 Sec. E Class 1 2. ASTM E-84, Class A 3. UFAC Class 1 4. NFPA-260 Class 1
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