Amber STOCK18A


Amber STOCK18A
Avocado STOCK09A
Balsam STOCK07
Blueberry STOCK05A
Bluestone STOCK06A
Brunswick STOCK20
Cameo STOCK22
Chocolate STOCK11
Ebony STOCK10
Garnet STOCK14A
Hunter Green STOCK08A
Mandarin STOCK17A
Maple STOCK21
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Sand STOCK23
Sapphire STOCK04
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Stormy Sea STOCK02A
Stucco STOCK03A
Sunflower STOCK19
Leather is a natural product and is only sold by the full hide. Hides average approximately 50 square feet. Minimum order is one hide. Some overage is to be expected and invoicing will reflect actual square footage shipped. Our tannery uses only Scandinavian hides, which have minor character marks, such as insect bites and healed scars that emphasize the grain of the natural hide. Our hides are never corrected, embossed or plated.